Germany is the third largest exporter in the world. The manufacturing sector is one of the major contributors in the overall GDP. The top exports of Germany include vehicles, machinery, electronic products, electrical equipment, transport equipment and basic metals. Germany’s economy is considered as one of the strongest in the world. One of the core reasons for this is education.
Germany’s standing as a country with one of the most productive workforces in the world is strongly aided by its VET system, which supplies Germany’s companies with well-trained employees. Germany’s dual training system, which combines practical training at a workplace with theoretical classroom instruction, also helps trainees’ transition into work life. VET opens a variety of promising career options for young people, thereby strengthening society and culture. We will be utilizing this expertise with a view to evolve our students as globally competitive professionals.


The following areas of collaboration are considered
Industrial Training

To supplement the skills acquired at the university, students will be sent for Industrial training every alternate semester. Since, our curriculum is flexible and will be designed as per the requirement and standards of German Industries, the alternate semester industrial training will take place in the industrial premises either in India or in Germany. Furthermore, Industries can set up their training facilities in our university premises on mutually agreed terms.

Placement Tie Ups

With our vast experience in Manpower and HR solutions, we will provide our students assured placements. We have tie-ups with over 500 companies in India. Furthermore, we are extending it to Industries in Germany and the German industries who have operations in India.

Manpower Requirements

We will be able to meet the requirement of skilled manpower of German Industries by setting up of training facilities as per German Industry requirements. Our students will be trained as per the German curriculum and thus will be able to compete on a global work level.

Faculties for Automotive and Industrial Manufacturing

Since Germans are the leaders in the Automotive and Industrial manufacturing sector, we will be utilizing this expertise in establishing our faculties for the same. Other faculties that we’ll be focusing upon are Electrical, IT & Networking, Renewable Energy and Management. The Training of our Trainers will be provided by IGCC. The second phase of their training will be provided by German Master trainers for their respective faculties.

VET - SUB Council Of India

Through our years of experience in Manpower and HR solutions, we are connected to over 500 companies in India. We’ll be setting up a VET-Sub council in India especially for Takshinda foundation, its members, IGCC and its members (Both Germany and India).