Netherlands is one of the world’s top exporters of food and agricultural products, thanks to its highly mechanized agricultural sector and innovative agri-food technology. The Agro-industry of the Netherlands focuses on latest technology and innovation.
The Dutch Education system commonly known Vocational Education and Training (VET) system is a time-tested mechanism and has been a very effective and sustainable model. As a result of this, Dutch workforce is one of the most proficient and skillful in the world. Since, we’ll be following the Vocational education and training system in our university which will consist of 60% practical and 40% theory, we will utilize this expertise with a view to evolve our students as globally competitive professionals. For that, we’ve entered into a collaboration with the Dutch VET system.


The following areas of collaboration are considered
Industrial Training

To supplement the skills acquired at the university, students will be sent for Industrial training every alternate semester. The industrial training will take place in the premises of prominent industries. Students will be given adequate exposure to Dutch industries.

Placement Tie Ups

With our vast experience in Manpower and HR solutions, we will provide our students assured placements. We have tie-ups with over 500 companies in India. Outstanding students will get an opportunity to work with industries in Netherlands.

Research Programs

India is primarily an agrarian economy. We have joined hands in conducting research programs on Food technology, Agriculture and other related fields which are the areas of interest for Dutch and Indian students who are pursuing education in the similar fields

Specialized Courses

Once the students graduate from our university, he/she will be able to go for a specialized one-year course in a university in Netherlands in their respective field. For e.g. In HAS university of Applied Sciences, a student will be able to go for a 4th year specialized course in Applied Biology after finishing their graduation from our university in the respective field.

Setting up of Faculty for Agri and Food Products

Since Dutch are the leaders in the Agri and food processing industry, they’ll help us in setting up the Faculties of Agriculture and Food Processing in our University. This will enrich our students with the latest trends and technology in this sector and will equip them with the skills required for global working environment.