As a unique organization with a global technology approach, “SDGKU” is a San Diego-based private university designed to provide easily accessible, networked, and competency-oriented professional education on a global scale. It has a functioning Governing Board responsible for the quality, integrity and financial sustainability of the institution, and for ensuring that its mission is being carried out.
To give our students a globally competitive edge in the domains of Business, IT, Communication and Management, “Takshinda” has entered into a collaboration with “SDGKU”.


The following areas of collaboration are considered
Dual Degree

Students who choose to do B.Voc / B.S will have the opportunity to get dual degrees from “Takshinda” and “SDGKU”.

Employment/ Placement

“SDGKU” will collaborate with “Takshinda” in providing suitable placement opportunities for students of “Takshinda”.

Exchange Programmes

Select students will have the opportunity to be a part of exchange programmes and will get to spend a semester or a portion thereof (depending upon the course) in the premises of “SDGKU” in United States of America.

Method of Pedagogy

The students will be taught either by our faculty or by the faculty of “SDGKU” or by both. The mode of education shall be a combination of offline and online depending upon the course.

Dual Certification

Students who choose to do short term courses of 3 months – 6 months will get dual certification from “Takshinda” and “SDGKU”.


Following courses have been identified for collaboration in the initial phase.

English Language Proficiency as a Work Skill Levels

Soft Skills & Personal Effectiveness

Global Management

Full Stack Development Immersive