We have been in the field of Education and Training for over five decades and have collectively gathered avast experience of interacting with competent faculties and a cross section of students from all walks of life. We have the distinction of operating in almost all parts of this large country and our highly eminent management has the privilege of mentoring more than a lakh students. Over this long and arduous journey we realized that gradually the students have been getting delineated from their roots and have forgotten the rich cultural heritage to which they belong.

TAKSHINDA has been inspired by the amalgamation of the two most powerful and advanced universities of the world belonging to the period of Ancient India viz, Takshila and Nalanda and as the name suggests,we toil to revive our ancient heritage and inculcate in all our students a sense of pride towards the value threshold of our strong traditions and culture.


TSU aspires to be among the top universities in the world. We are guided by our vision of “equipping students with the contemporary skill sets required to sustain and grow in global work environment in the backdrop of India’s rich cultural heritage.” Accordingly, the jewel in the crown will be the Faculty of Vedic Studies which will be the harbinger of our ancient values which shall be inculcated in our students to make them responsible citizens in addition to being highly skilled individuals in their respective domains. We endeavor to make all our universities as Centres of Excellence for high quality vocational education coupled with outstanding research and innovation with the ultimate aim of making our students leaders in their respective industries. Creating jobs for young people is a major challenge around the world and specially in India, unemployment is a much larger issue since we have the world’s largest youth population. What’s more young Indians face major challenges because of poverty and low levels of human capital.
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Our Mission

Protecting the rights and wellbeing of EVERY child

To equip students with the contemporary skill sets in the backdrop of India's rich cultural heritage in order to empower them by providing global employment opportunities


To create an ecosystem to strengthen the foundation of all students by capitalizing on the stron values of the Indian culture and give them the skill sets required by the modern industry in an international environment.


Make it Your Duty to Strive to leave this World a Better Place than you Found it.